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Booyah Clean Bucket Kit 2

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The BOOYAH® CLEAN BUCKET KIT 2 includes a feature-laden bucket and 3 of our best products for getting your boat clean with a great way to store them until needed again!

The bucket itself has TWO handles!  The top handle is a rust-free ROPE handle, that will not clang or scratch up your boat should it get a little rocky on the water. There is also a convenient built-in handle on the base of the bucket to make dumping it much easier!  The bucket comes with a resealable easy on and off snap-on lid that makes it a great way to secure your products when not in use, one Gallon of BOOYAH® CLEAN WASH & WAX, one Quart of NON-ACID INSTANT HULL CLEANER, one Quart of ALL PURPOSE CLEANER/DEGREASER, two Quart TRIGGER SPRAYERS, and two FREE MICROFIBER CLOTHS!