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Booyah Clean Deck Cleaner

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BOOYAH CLEAN DECK CLEANER - Meets EPA Safer Choice Direct Release Criteria

Deck cleaner with Clean Grip Technology. Excellent for all deck surfaces - non-skid and flat!  Removes grime, stains, fish blood, oil, grease, black streaks, and soot.  

BOOYAH CLEAN ALL PURPOSE CLEANER is safer for direct release into the environment.  Safer for all aquatic life as it passes the EPA Safer Choice aquatic toxicity guidelines for algae, fish and aquatic invertebrates.  Can be used on all surfaces: Fiberglass, Plexiglas, Vinyl, Metal, Glass, Plastics, Rubber, Painted Surfaces, Carpets, Decals Engines, Bilges, Chassis, Wheels and Tires.

BOOYAH CLEAN Marine Products meet EPA Safer Choice Direct Release criteria for direct release into the environment including oceans, seas, lakes, rivers, creeks, ponds, ditches, sewers, wetlands and all other waterways as well as drylands when the treatment and/or collection of washwater is impractical or unachievable.


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