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PX10 EPA Registered Disinfectant

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  • EPA–Registered Disinfectant
  • Proven To Eliminate Coronavirus 3  (See Elimination Details PDF Below)
  • Sanitize, Disinfect & Deodorize
  • Stronger, Faster, Safer Results


PX10 EPA Registered Disinfectant Provides Safe & Effective Results - Proven to Eliminate Coronavirus 3, Influenza, Mold, Mildew & Many More Organisms. 


PX10 Is Easy To Use, Cost Effective, Eco Friendly. 

No Messy Liquid Filled Packets.

No Bulky Leaking Plastic Containers.


PX10 has a chemical makeup that takes the best aspects of chlorine and does it EVEN BETTER! Our compound (chlorine dioxide) is more stable, more powerful and safer than regular chlorine, resulting in better results in less than half the time!  Chlorine dioxide has been used for decades as a way to make our drinking water safer. It is also used to clean and disinfect our produce on way to market. It’s even been known to be used in everyday products like mouthwash! The chemical compound concentrates its power on the spores and attacks instantly. That power quickly dissipates, leaving no harmful residue, odor or by-products behind.

When it comes to mold and odor removal, there’s no time to waste, only time to kill. Treat mold in minutes in homes, offices, gardens and even boats.
PX10: the disinfectant fungicide that kills mold and eliminates odor.

Low medium application - 100 ppm

Used for sanitizing and disinfecting surfaces. Eliminates everyday odors and can be used in a washing machine after solution is mixed.  (1 Gram per quart of water for 100 ppm.)

Medium to severe odors - 250 ppm

Used for stronger odors.  It may eliminate mold, however EPA recommends 500 ppm for mold removal. (10 Grams per gallon of water for 250 ppm.)

Severe mold, and severe odors - 500ppm

Used for eliminating mold and severe odors. (20 Grams per gallon of water for 550 ppm.)



PX10 Elimination Details PDF