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Uflex SilverSteer Outboard Hydraulic Tilt Steering System - UC130 V2 [SILVERSTEERXP2T]

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SilverSteer™ Outboard Hydraulic Tilt Steering System - UC130 V2

Specifically designed for high performance and high torque applications, the SilverSteer features a 1,500 psi helm and keyed bullhorns on the cylinder for maximum durability and minimal lost motion.

Whether a bass boat, flat boat or tournament style offshore fishing boat, the SilverSteer™ will deliver smooth, responsive and precise steering.

Adjustable boss style fittings allow precise hose routing without the risk of breaking the fittings by overtightening or leaking fittings from loosening during installation, a common problem on competing cylinders.

Quick Guide (pdf)
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